Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tech Tuesday - Once & Future Tech

Three from Science Alert this week with the first being "Elon Musk's new company is developing robots to do your housework" here.

Also, have a look at "Physicists just did the 'impossible' and created a quantum hologram" here.

Finally, check out "Computers will require more energy than the world generates by 2040" here.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

RPG Media Monday - Arthur, Kong, & Star Trek

We've got two films and a new series on the horizon that will probably be enjoyed by most RPGers and gamers of many stripes.  Over on the IGN YouTube channel, watch a trailer for the Guy Ritchie reimagining of Arthurian legend with the "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Trailer" that was shared at Comic Con 2016.  Enjoy!

Also, on the Kong: Skull Island YouTube channel, shared at Comic Con 2016, check out the "Kong: Skull Island" trailer.  Fierce!

Finally, on the Star Trek YouTube channel, they give us a "First Look [at the] Test Flight of Star Trek's U.S.S. Discovery" though we still know nothing about casting details.  Teasers!

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Funnies - Go, Find, & Face It

Over on uptofourplayers.com, they suggest we "Give It a Go" here.

Also, on mrlovenstein.com, they give us a lesson in finding treasure here.

Finally, on kotaku.com, they tell you to "Turn Your Human Face Into A Video Game Character" here.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - Bon Appétit, Catapults, & Martians

Three from Kickstarter this week with the first being "Bon Appétit - A Fine Dining Frenzy" by Avant-Garde Games here.

Also, have a look at "Legendary Dice Throwers- the evolution of dice towers" by Drawlab here.

Finally, checks out "Martians: A Story of Civilization" by Krzysztof Wolicki here.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Friday Grab Bag - D&D & Business

Over on ucreative.com, Arthur Piccio gives us "10 Life and Business Lessons We’ve Learned From Dungeons and Dragons" here.

Also, on javaworld.com, Esther Schindler tells us "10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons" here.

Finally, on medium.com, Rich Armstrong shares "Management Lessons from Dungeons & Dragons: The Gary Gygax School of Management" here.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Sergio Aragonés

I first became aware of Sergio Aragonés through the pages of Mad Magazine.  He's a hard-working cartoonist who has been at it for more than half a century and is known as the world's fastest cartoonist.

He's even been going to conventions and helping them become popular for nearly that long.  Here's a look at a 1972 Comic Art Convention from his perspective

But I think many gamers will likely be aware of his comic characters from Groo the Wanderer, a humorous take on Conan the Barbarian and other pulp Sword & Sorcery characters since the early 1980s.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Events & Play Wednesday - Eldritch Moon MtG Events

Lake Geneva Games has a lot of release weekend Magic the Gathering events this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting with . . .

The first weekend we can use Eldritch Moon booster packs for our FNM Booster Draft.  This start at 6 pm so try to get there a bit early to be sure you don't miss out!  We'll follow that up Saturday and Sunday with 1 pm $15 Booster Drafts (3 booster packs, 3 rounds, +1 pack per round won plus Promos!).  Come in both days and play in these inexpensive drafts to build up your selection of Eldritch Moon cards and get used to the new set.  But the BIG event is Saturday evening starting at 6 pm.  It's a $20 Booster Draft for a Box!  It's an Eldritch Moon $20 Booster Draft (3 booster packs, 3 rounds, Minimum 8 players) and the winner gets a Sealed box of Eldritch Moon and all players get a promo!

Finally, on Sunday at 5:30 pm, we have the first week of our six-week Magic the Gathering League.  Each Sunday we play a Shadows Over Innistrad block constructed tournament, with the added deck building restriction of only 1 mythic.  The tournament each Sunday is free to league members, and only league members may play in it.  The cost to join the league is $10.  Each player finishing each tournament gets +1 pack, and there is a +1 pack per 4 players prize pool awarded to the first place player, or shared by those tied for first.  Each tournament is 3 rounds Swiss pairings.  Block Constructed is similar to Standard, except more restrictive.  Only cards from Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon sets are legal in your 60 card deck and 15 card sideboard.  Further, there is a restriction of ONE mythic rare card in your library at the start of each game.  You may have more mythics in your sideboard, but only one mythic can be in your library at the start of each game.

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