Monday, January 14, 2019

Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth

A recent article on Open Culture reminded me about the exhibit called Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth.  It is the latest deep delve into J.R.R. Tolkien's archives for previously unpublished and, to the wider world, unseen materials including early drafts and original drawings.

The exhibit spent late last year at The Weston Library but now a great many items from it will be moving from Oxford to New York's Morgan Library & Museum before then traveling to France.  It opens here in the states in less than two weeks so make your plans to see it if you can and let me know how it goes!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New 1E AD&D Campaign and More

It's been a couple of weeks since my return to blogging after over two years and I've made some headway on a few things.  I've gotten a few bits and bobs ready for a new podcast: an intro, outro, and some music and such.  More on that soon.  The store is geared up for for the next MtG release and we've seen quite a few preregs for prerelease weekend, which is always a good sign.  It's great to start off a new year with a strong month.  But I wanted to blog this time a little regarding the 1E AD&D campaign I am getting set up.

Next week will see the first gathering for our new group.  I know everyone involved, mostly from online though I've met almost everyone at least at a Gary Con or around the store.  I have a couple of returning players that were part of a campaign from a few years ago, so I'm glad they've got time to join.  But the eight or nine other players will be new to my table and DMing.  I set up a secret Facebook group to share some maps and preliminary information about the rules we'll be using.  It's mainly 1E core three with a bit of other stuff added in as we go.  Pretty straight forward but that's good for a new group, I think.

We'll be playing in my Grymvald setting, sandbox-style, but I want to make sure I have some early options so I've shared some of my old maps and have made some adjustments to some Dyson Logos maps for the starting area.  It's a village called Holdmarch, at the west end of a causeway that stretches east to the capitol of the Kingdom of Jals.  They may not stay in the area but considering the Listless Marshlands lie to the north and the Trackless Moors border on the south, there's plenty to do in any direction they decide to go.  I'll be sure to blog more about this after we're up and running.  In the meantime, keep gaming!

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tabletop Game Materials and More

Has it really been almost two and a half years since I posted anything to this blog?  Obviously, I've been active on Facebook, G+ (which is going away), MeWe (which is newish), Twitter (a little bit), Twitch (less so), and YouTube (not much really).  Still, since in the ten years prior to that I had posted nearly 6K times to the CMG Blog Triad, two and a half years seems like a very long time since "going dark" on September 2nd, 2016.

In "meat space," I have been business managing the excellent Lake Geneva Games and that's been going great.  It's wonderful when a brick and mortar game store can last even one year, let alone more than five, and LGG has been going strong for eight years with 2018 being a record-breaking year, indeed!  I'm very proud of all we've accomplished and am hopeful 2019 will continue that trend of growth.  I've also been regularly gaming with the LG lunchtime crowd on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Not every week but more often than not.  Managing the store has prevented me from getting to the Pizza Ranch on Third Sundays and the Plymouth UCC in Burlington on Third Saturdays, which I miss very much but it can't be helped.  I've been pretty busy but there are some other things I wish to also do.

All that is to say that as we head into the new year there are also a number of other things I wish to add into the mix.  I'm definitely getting a 1E AD&D group together to stretch my DMing legs again.  It's been over a year since running a regular D&D game and I feel overdue.  I've got some ideas for a few CMG offerings I want to put together and even a simple podcast.  At the least, on those creative fronts, I also want to revisit blogging here on the Triad with more regularity, though certainly not everyday on all three blogs as I was doing a while back, such as they were. Sure, it was mostly linking to interesting and inspirational gaming stuff but it still occupied quite a bit of time and I don't think my current schedule will allow for that pace again.

Anywho, I am back at it and will be more active.  See you soon!

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Friday Grab Bag - Going Dark

My blogs and Facebook will be (mostly) dark for the next couple of weeks.  This includes,, and, all of which have extensive archives at this point to plumb for interesting tidbits.  Please explore them for nifty bits and bobs and we'll see you on the other side of the nebula!

Also, my Facebook pages will be going dark including my profile page, my Mark CMG author page, my Creative Mountain Games FB page, and the GM's Day FB page.

Finally, my Google Plus profile will go into sleep mode along with my Twitter feed.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Wisconsin Museums

Museums are a great way to spend time learning and having fun on your own, with family, and with friends.  I've been checking into the various museums in Wisconsin to find some places to visit when I get a bit of time to do so.  I was nigh overwhelmed by the number of them listed on Wikipedia here.

Also, on, they have a more manageable list here.

Finally, on, they have a more eclectic list here.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Events & Play Wednesday - LGG Events

We've got some stellar events lined up at Lake Geneva Games in September.  These events are included on the LGG website calendar but also sometimes organized on Facebook as individual events.  First up, today, Wednesday, August 31st and Saturday, September 3rd, we have two follow up events to our very successful Conspiracy: Take the Crown draft last Saturday (which drew 63 players!).  Both days will including rolling drafts for $10 per participant.  They are, of course, Conspiracy: Take the Crown format: drafting then a multiplayer game for three to five players.  Three packs per player and keep what you draft!

Also, Sunday, September 4th, is First Sunday and that means Open Boardgaming (and other tabletop gaming) from Noon to Nine at Lake Geneva Games.  We set up a Facebook event for this one here.

Late this month we have a handful of events for both the Kaladesh MtG pre-release weekend and the release the following weekend (which extends into October).  All of these are on the LGG Events Calendar but the first two pre-release events might draw the biggest crowds as the first chances to get hold of Kaladesh cards.  The pre-release weekend begins with a Midnight event which organizes on Friday, September 23rd at 11:30 PM and start promptly at Midnight.  You can pre-register for this 2-Headed Giant event here.  On Saturday, September 24th at 2 PM, we're holding a Sealed event for a BOX which you can pre-register for here.

There is also a 40K afternoon on September 11th which I discuss on the Wargaming Wednesday blog here!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tech Tuesday - Up

Over on, they tell us "The US Air Force plans to 'plasma bomb' the sky to improve global radio reception" here.

Also, on, they tell us the "Best Telescopes for the Money" here.

Finally, on the Yoichi Ochiai YouTube channel, watch a form of "Acoustic Levitation."  Enjoy!

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