Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - The Folio #2, EZPainter, & Descent: Underground

It has been funded but there is still time to get in on "The Folio #2, 1E & 5E Module Launch!" Kickstarter project from Scott Taylor.  Learn more here.

Also. have a look at the "EZPainter - Miniature painting tutorials" Kickstarter project by Arthur Charles here.

Finally, it's only half way home with two weeks to go, have a look at the "Descent: Underground" Kickstarter project by Descendent Studios here.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Friday Grab Bag - Meetup, Non-Marketing, & Growing up Geek

Over on, they fill us in "On using Meetup to play D&D with a group of strangers" here.

Also on, they explain "How NOT to Market Games" here.

Finally on the Living for Crits blog, they tell us about "Growing up Geek" here.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday - 82 JC Penny Catalog, King's Quest, & James Ward Interview

Over on Pinterest, Kyle Crider shared a 1982 JC Penney Christmas Catalog page here.

Also on, a recent article tells us "King's Quest to bring nostalgic adventure to fall 2015" here.

Finally on a podcast from Southgate Media Group, they have an interview with James Ward, Game Designer, former TSR staffer, and co-founder of Eldritch Enterprises.  Check it out here.

A look back at early tabletop hobby gaming
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Events & Play Wednesday - Cons & Gamedays for April

It's not April yet and let's not forget, Gary Con VII takes place this weekend from March 26th to 29th in Lake Geneva, WI, and celebrates gaming old and new.  Four days with some of the finest gamers/designers in the business from all eras.  See more on their website here.

Some events locally include . . .

First up, Kris Herzog is organizing a gameday for Sunday, April 8th at 11 am to be held at Gregs Catering 3120 Roberts St, Franksville, Wisconsin 53126.  It's a short trip from the Milwaukee, Lake Geneva, and Kenosha areas, so stop on by for free gaming a great, reasonably-priced eats.  Join the event through the Facebook group here.

The third Saturday and Sunday of April, and indeed almost every month, includes the Burlington Gameday on Saturday, April 18th which sets up events through the Burlington UCC Game Day group on Facebook here and A Gathering of Gamers on Sunday, April 19th, set up by the South Lakes Area Gamers here.  The former is in Burlington, WI at the Plymouth UCC space and is free taking place from approximately 11 am to 5 pm.  The latter takes place at the Pizza Ranch in Elkhorn, WI, and requires a $12 fee for the all you can eat pizza and fried chicken buffet (salad bar, soft-serve ice cream machine, etc.) plus unlimited soft drinks and coffee from 11 am to 8 pm.

Be sure to make your plans for April 16th, the "Thor'd Thors'day" of April, since it is the monthly Game Like a Viking Day!  It's a chance, no matter where you are, to break out your Viking-themed tabletop games and have at it.  See more of this ongoing monthly day of fun on the Facebook page here.

You can also find a whole list of gaming events all around the country on here and they include:

Apr 3-4 CogCon Spring Revel 2015 in Rolla, MO
Apr 3-5 BABSCon 2015 in Burlingame, CA
Apr 3-6 PsyCon Four in Sydney, NSW, AU
Apr 4 Air Con 2015 in Oak Creek, WI
Apr 9-12 MegaCon 2015 in Orlando, FL
Apr 10-11 PathCon 1.5 in Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 10-12 BattleCon 2015 in Cincinnati, OH
Apr 11 Piedmont Triad TableTop Day in Kernersville, NC
Apr 11 Shall We Play? Intl TableTop Day in Las Vegas, NV
Apr 11-12 Game On - Icon in Plymouth, NH
Apr 11-12 MAG CON 7 in New Caney, TX
Apr 16-19 Tekko 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 17-19 1d4Con 2015 in Martinsburg, WV
Apr 17-19 Cape Comic Con 2015 in Cape Girardeau, MO
Apr 17-19 Lexicon in Lexington, KY
Apr 17-19 Philly GamesCon in Feasterville-Trevose, PA
Apr 17-19 Who's Yer Con 2015 in Indianapolis, IN
Apr 17-20 Memories @ RIW in Livonia, MI
Apr 18 PFS @ GobliCON 2015 in Mariboro, 070, SI
Apr 18 QuakerCon in Kernersville, NC
Apr 18-19 Bookwyrm RPG Con 2015 in Fresno, CA
Apr 18-19 Contac in Tacoma, WA
Apr 23-26 HMGS Recon 2015 in Orlando, FL
Apr 23-26 Kingdom Con 2015 in San Diego, CA
Apr 24-26 MEPACON Spring 2015 in Scranton, PA
Apr 24-26 No Brand Con 2015 in Eau Claire, WI
Apr 24-26 RavenCon 2015 in Midlothian (Richmond), VA
Apr 25-26 CthulhuCon 2015 in Portland, OR

Some of this information is from the excellent lists on (the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society), and  as well as many, many gamers on Facebook and Google Plus, to whom I am grateful for the help in this compilation.  Thanks so much and have a great game!

News of Conventions and Gamedays as well as pictures
from those I have attended and games I have played.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tech Tuesday - Bike Mini-Bar, Magic Leap, & Bye-Bye IE

Over on, that showed off a nifty way to make a Mini-Bar for a bike.  See more here.

Also, over on the Magic Leap YouTube channel, they gave a a spectacular video view of how Google and Weta Workshop might one day present Magic Leap, a virtual reality interface.  Enjoy.

Finally on, Microsoft has announced "Microsoft is scrapping Internet Explorer" here.

News focused on Technology
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Media News Monday - Electra Woman, Powers, & Swords of Steel

Over on the Nerdist they have shared the news that Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are getting a reboot as a web series with Grace Helbig and Hanah Hart.  Find out more here.

Also on the Nerdist, read up on the new superhero series, Powers, here.

Finally, on, as part of their New Treasures series they feature "Swords of Steel edited by D.M. Ritzlin" here.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Funnies - Batman's Uppercut, Jurassic Parks and Rec, & Nerd Court

Over on, they featured a story titled "Comics Fan Obituary Lists Uppercut From Batman As Cause Of Death" here.

Also, on the  YouTube channel, there is a fun mashup titled "Jurassic Parks and Recreation."  Watch.

Finally, on the  YouTube channel, there is a Nerd Court video titled "The Trial of Star Trek's William T. Riker - Nerd Court (ft. Jonathan Frakes)." Enjoy.

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