Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Funnies - More Game of Thrones Humor

A couple weeks ago, I pointed out some Game of Thrones humor and this week a little more of the same. Over on, they recently ran an article on some humorous webstinations for Game of Thrones fans here!  And there is a whole list of GoT comics here!  Enjoy!

John Kovalic has also weighed in with a Dork Tower strip featuring a new Game of Thrones RPG here!

If you missed the YouTube video from Bad Lip Reading when it came out last October, or the extended scenes from the same send up, enjoy!

And, finally, it should be noted that the A.V. Club cited an interview from the HBO Production Blog with official Game Of Thrones linguist David J. Peterson, in which he confesses to a Monty Python reference on the show here!

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