Monday, January 2, 2012

The CMG Blog Triad 2012

The CMG Blog Triad for Creative Mountain Games (links for all three to the top right) has grown over the last half year and my goal was to keep posting on the main blog daily and alternate every other day in the other two corners.  This has gone well but I find I often have more links and material to post that sometimes I set aside for later or don't post at all rather than make combination posts on any given day, since I like to keep most posts brief and to the point.  Because of this, in 2012, I am stepping up my blogging to include daily posts on all three corners of the CMG Blog Triad.  Here is how they generally breakdown. houses blog posts that are geared toward campaign settings, inclusive of my own Grymvald tabletop RPG setting.  Although I had previous included posts about genre movies on the main blog, since I often don't review movies outright but rather try to view movies and write about them with an eye toward what can be utilized as inspiration for setting creation, I will be blogging in that vein on in the future.  I'll also be adding more campaign and setting essays there in 2012 and I hope they prove useful to everyone who reads them in their own creative efforts. includes rules-based materials as well as links to all sorts of creative videos and websites that assist tabletop gamers in bringing their game sessions to life.  There will continue to be YouTube links to videos geared toward miniatures and scenic design and building, painting, molding, casting, and the like.  I'll also be stepping up the number of rules essays I post there.  Hopefully, my own ruminations of game design will prove of interest, particularly as it relates to the Griffins & Grottos Medieval Fantasy Wargames and Roleplaying System as well as the Surcoat Combat Miniatures Game, and other works as they move from idea through enactment. continues to be the main blog and will house announcements for CMG, like news of my CMG offerings, and miscellany not more properly posted in the other two corners of the Blog Triad.  Mind you, this is not to say that there will be much, if any, material not related in some way to tabletop gaming.  This is a site and company devoted to those pursuits and there will be very little material found here that isn't somehow tied to the hobby.

I hope that 2012 will be a fun and productive year for everyone involved in tabletop gaming and I hope that what you find in all three corners of the CMG Blog Triad are useful and inspirational to every gamer who takes the time to check each corner every day or when time permits.  My thanks to all who follow this blog and to those who will discover it moving forward!

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