Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ray Bradbury has Passed

Sadly for me as a fan, I heard yesterday of the passing of Ray Bradbury at the age of 91.  I also read a number of things online that have cast Bradbury as a less-than-perfect person.  I grew up for some time in Waukegan, IL, which had two "favorite sons" at that time, one being Bradbury and the other being Jack Benny (Our teams at Jack Benny Junior High School were known as The Fighting 39ers!).  Aside from Bradbury's ties to Waukegan through Dandelion Wine and his connection as a lifelong friend of Ray Harryhausen, I also loved his classic science fiction. I've never really known that side of him that some are saying was his unfortunate legacy in their minds as I never met him personally nor saw many interviews except in short snippets where he was discussing the work of others like Harryhausen. Without knowing the details, and not saying I doubt them nor need to hear them, I am disappointed that Bradbury came across to anyone in that unsavory light. I think, since Ray Bradbury has passed, I will follow my friend Michael Broadstock's advice in this case, separating the work from the man, and retain the fond memories I have of Bradbury's art and leave the sadder truths to those who cannot forget them.

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