Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Half Price Book Week Long Sale

Just a reminder to those of you already on the Half Price Books mailing list, beginning yesterday their latest week long sale has begun.  The coupons you receive from being on the mailing list include Monday/Tuesday 40% off any single item, Wednesday/Thursday 30% off any single item, Friday/Saturday 20% off any single item, and Sunday 50% off any single item.  If you are not already on their mailing list, you might consider signing up and hopefully can still receive the latest round of coupons.  See more here!

I've found that in recent months the amount they give for selling items to them seems drastically reduced, so I'm not sure I would recommend their buying program for anything except items you definitely cannot be bothered to sell yourself.  But they still do have some great prices on gaming books, for the most part, and some box games.  If you can, be sure to get a clerk to open any box games for you and check whether the parts list is completely represented and the condition of various pieces.  I've had good luck overall purchasing older wargames from them but sometimes a missing map or replacement piece might make collectors balk at such acquisitions.  Good hunting!


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