Sunday, June 23, 2013

ENnies Awards - Important Dates

Are you going to Gen Con or just want to keep track of how the ENnies Awards are playing out this year?  Well, there are some important dates to keep in mind and you can find them on the ENnies website here (click the "Important Dates" tab)!  But in a nutshell -

July 7th: Those who wish to take up the mantle of “2014 ENnies Judge” can nominate themselves for the position

July 14th: Nominees announced to the public

July 14th: Open nominations for Fan’s Choice for Best Publisher

July 16th: Last day to nominate yourself as a judge

July 19th: Last day to nominate a Publisher

July 22nd – July 31st: Voting for products/publisher and 2014 Judges

August 16th: Ceremony at Gen Con in the Grand Hall of Union Station; cocktail reception begins at 6:30pm and ceremony starts at 8pm

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