Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy 40th B-Day, D&D!

Well, yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the first time Gary Gygax had folks over on a Sunday to game *after* Dungeons & Dragons became commercially available.  (Certainly, he had folks over to game during playtesting for quite some time before that!)  There were many tributes and remembrances, and a general hullabaloo was raised by nearly all RPGers everywhere.  Some of the highlights of which I was aware included:

An Ask Me Anything on Reddit set up by Gygax Magazine with Jon Peterson, author of Playing at the World, a book on the origins of D&D.  Read it here!

Kobold Press had Part One of a fine interview packed with the insights of many luminaries like David “Zeb” Cook, Bruce Cordell, Jeff Grubb, Colin McComb, Wade Rockett, Robert Schwalb, and Margaret Weis.  Read it here!

Yahoo News ran an article by Chris Morris here!

Ed Greenwood spoke briefly in a YouTube video here!

Mike Selinker wrote "A Love Letter to Dungeons & Dragons" on his Schrödinger's Blog here!

Eric Lofgren did a fine piece of artwork a little while back but colored it specifically as tribute to the occasion here!

And Justin Andrew Mason created a wonderful composite art piece for the day which he Shared on his Facebook page here!

Of course, GM's Day has a contribution to the madness that I will share here -

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