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Events & Play Wednesday - Cons & Gamedays for May

As we move to the time between Gary Con and Nexus, there is still quite a bit happening locally and all over the place.  In the northern hemisphere, the lessening of the severity of the weather seems to get more and more people out to game at places beyond their homes.

Locally, this Saturday, May 2nd, Wayne Targo (founder of Southern Lakes Area Gamers AKA S.L.A.G.) is running a demo at Lake Geneva Games of Star Wars: Armada from Noon to 2 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm for four players each, though anyone can just watch.  On Sunday, May 3rd, Kris Herzog has scouted a new location for his early-in-the-month gamedays and chosen a nice restaurant with game space in Union Grove called the Parkside Cafe (1400 HWY 11, Union Grove, Wisconsin 53182).  This one runs from 11 am to 5 pm with more information on Facebook where it is organized here.  As always, the third Saturday and Sunday this month feature the Burlington Gameday on Saturday, May 16th, which sets up events through the Burlington UCC Game Day group on Facebook here and A Gathering of Gamers on Sunday, May 17th, set up by the South Lakes Area Gamers here.  The former is in Burlington, WI at the Plymouth UCC space and is free taking place from approximately 11 am to 5 pm.  The latter takes place at the Pizza Ranch in Elkhorn, WI, and requires a $12 fee for the all you can eat pizza and fried chicken buffet (salad bar, soft-serve ice cream machine, etc.) plus unlimited soft drinks and coffee from 11 am to 8 pm.  At the end of the month, on Saturday, May 30th, Lake Geneva Games is having a gameday with the details here.

Where ever you are, be sure to make your plans for May 21st, the "Thor'd Thors'day" of May, since it is the monthly Game Like a Viking Day!  It's a chance, no matter where you are, to break out your Viking-themed tabletop games and have at it.  See more of this ongoing monthly day of fun on the Facebook page here.

You can also find a whole list of gaming events all around the country and beyond on here and they include:

May 1-3 Cincycon Hamilton, OH
May 1-3 ConTRAPtion 2015 Worthing, WSX, GB
May 1-3 Demicon 26 Des Moines, IA
May 1-3 OASIS 27 Orlando, FL
May 1-3 SCORPION Lexington, SC
May 1-3 Tri Con Spring 2015 South Sioux City, NE
May 9 ConTroll Dorchester, DOR, GB
May 15-17 HeroiCon 2015 Decatur, IL
May 15-17 The Convention at Stonekeep Bloomington, IN
May 21-25 Game-o-Rama Atlanta, GA
May 22-24 Mobicon 2015 Mobile, AL
May 22-24 Monster Promenade 2015 DeKalb, IL
May 22-25 Gamex 2015 Los Angeles, CA
May 22-25 Kublacon 2015 Burlingame, CA
May 24 Warhammer Fantasy Tourney Mobile, AL
May 28-31 MomoCon 2015 Atlanta, GA
May 28-31 Phoenix Comicon 2015 Phoenix, AZ
May 29-31 ConCarolinas Concord, NC
May 29-31 FOG CON II 2015 Pekin, IL
May 29-31 Seelie Court 2015 Philadelphia, PA
May 29-31 UK Games Expo 2015 Birmingham, BIR, GB
May 30 Greater Kansas City RPG Day #2 Overland Park, KS

Some of this information (and more can be had) is from the excellent lists on (the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society), and  as well as many, many gamers on Facebook and Google Plus, to whom I am grateful for the help in this compilation.  Thanks so much and have a great game!

News of Conventions and Gamedays as well as pictures
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