Monday, November 2, 2015

Media News Monday - Hollow Bones, Future Movies, & Draculas

Over on, they discuss the Sleepy Hollow slash Bones crossover episodes which I personally enjoyed to some degree.  I enjoyed Bones for many years but feel it is played out and only catch it from time to time.  Sleepy Hollow is a fresh show in its second season but seems to be stumbling a bit as it works material into the tapestry that doesn't quite fit.  The two shows sharing a universe doesn't work for me either, so the combination of both struggling shows cobbled together had the chance to either help one another or become something exponentially bad.  I found it fell somewhere in between, neither impressing me as innovative nor repairing any of the missteps accrued in their most recent seasons.  Jean Bentley was a little more forgiving in her article here.

Also, a meme from has been floating around Facebook on the Futuristic Movie Timeline.  Enjoy!

Finally, on, Stan! examines two 1931 Dracula movie productions here.

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