Sunday, February 12, 2012

1E AD&D Reprint Covers

As reported on the website, the covers for the three 1E AD&D Reprint covers are now up on the Wizards of the Coast website.  I'm sure there will be some grousing and some apathy along with those who think they look just fine *like me) but at least they will be back in print for those who would like a fresh copy.  Enjoy!


Xyanthon said...

I think they look just fine. They will look even better on my shelf next to the other 1e books and at my game table ;).

christian said...

I will probably buy them. (I'm not sure I could really help myself.)I just hope I can find some people to play with! It's all 4e/Pathfinder all the time around here.

Mark CMG Clover said...

I'd imagine a number of people will buy them just to have them, without even planning to use them.