Friday, September 21, 2012

Gary Con V Early Registration

Early registration has begun for Gary Con V, the old school gaming convention held in March in Lake Geneva, WI.  There are several levels of registration but an explanation of how they work was posted by Luke Gygax in their forums which I will quote here -

The Early Bird package was delayed due to website upgrade issues and it is fairly close to the silver package. Here is my take on the packages.
Platinum: You want to guarentee getting one of the premium GC souvenirs (Stein, Stadium Cup Set or T-shirt) and you want to fill all 4 days with pre-registered events. You get the opportunity to play in 2 or 3 VIP events (Tim, Frank, Jim, Ernie etc) and multiple other events (3 SPs average for an event).
Gold: You want to play 3 VIP events and fill your GC with lots of pre-registered events. You get to choose a GC souvenir (hat, print, GCIV module or a single stadium cup). This is the choice for gamers that want to maximize game time and are less interested in guarenteeing a premium souvenir but still like to have something from GC V. Last year we sold out of many souvenir items by Thursday night, especially steins and certain T-shirt sizes.
Silver: You want to play in 2 VIP events and play in 4-8 other events over the 4 days. You get to choose one of the 3 stadium cups. Note the cups allow you to buy discounted soda or beer throughout all 4 days of Gary Con and depending on the color get you either free soda during happy hours or free beer on either Friday or Saturday during happy hours. This is the option that should satisfy the majority of people. Plenty of gaming and the bonus of discounted/free soda or beer.
Copper: This option is designed primarily for GMs that will spend much of their time running events and young gamers that are accompanying their parents. There are no souvenirs built into the package (but there will be some available for purchase on site). The 15 SPs will enable you to pre-register for 4-6 events. 
Early Bird: This option gets you into 1 VIP event and 6-8 other pre-reg events. You get all 3 stadium cups ($25 value). This is a good option for someone that wants to balance pre-reg events with open gaming or private gaming sessions as well as partake of free soda and beer at both happy hours.
I hope that my take on the packages is helpful and that we provided enough options to satisfy everybody. We always welcome feedback to help us continue to improve Gary con.

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