Sunday, March 31, 2013

Intl Tabletop Day Eve at Lake Geneva Games

We had ourselves some fun at Lake Geneva Games on International Tabletop Day Eve . . .

We opted to begin with a game of Zombies!!! in honor of the memory of Todd Breitenstein of Twilight Creations who passed on early this week.

We allowed a helipad to be introduced early, since we knew our time was limited and we wanted to squeeze in a playtest that afternoon.

Floyd Canaday and John Albert were raring to go.

Scott Felton, Craig, and Ernie Gygax spread out through the streets to take out the zombie hordes.

Tom Wham was giving us some sage advice as we worked through some of the rules. Several of the gang had only played with the core game, Scott had played with all of the expansions, and this day we used the core, plus 2, 3, and 3.5 expansions, so we needed to make sure we were doing it right.

In the end, it was Floyd who got out of Dodge on the helicopter first.

Tom Wham was kind enough to let us playtest a game in development, a Dragon Lairds offshoot, called Dragon Lairds Go to Space.

Ernie, having played many of Tom's games over the years, was strategizing several levels above the rest of us. 

Can someone photobomb their own photo?

The answer is apparently "Yes."

After many of the others needed to head out, John, Floyd Canaday, and myself played a game of standard Dragon Lairds (and Tom got us started with some tips before leaving).  Full disclosure: Got my butt kicked in this one.

All in all a fun way to spend a Friday and roll into Intl Tabletop Day!

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