Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gary Con VI 2014-03-25 Tuesday Afternoon Photos

I popped over to the Geneva Ridge resort to have a look at how the Gary Con VI setup was going . . .
The welcome sign is ready

The greeting tables were set

The front room has plenty of tables

The rest of the front room and the doors, not yet open, for an extra room that often has three more RPG tables

The side room back near the bar

The long hallway to the rooms

The cozy fireplace

This sees much use at night

The stairs down to the convention-proper (check for traps!)

The registration area

This usually sees silent auction materials

The south ballroom has tables ready to go

More of the south ballroom

The hallway to the back

The north ballroom has lots of space and a view of Lake Como

More of the north ballroom

There is also a room dubbed the porch

The porch is where the VIP GMs run their games

Here's a view from the far corner of the porch

Sweeping the porch

Catching a view of the whole porch

The porch has a nice view and plenty of light

I slipped outside the north end of the porch for a few shots

The view includes Lake Como and the fire pit

There is a whole patio just off the convention area

And who happens to be up in the bar grabbing a bite and some brews? It's some early arrivals and staff!

Some of these folk only see one another at the Gary Con Gaming Convention

The hotel staff is ready to go too

Someone got their salad early but Yon is content with a beer 

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