Friday, October 24, 2014

The Friday Grab Bag - Happy B-Day to Me and You!

Today I turn another year older and I will be sure to roll some dice, and not just in a metaphoric way.  Some gaming is definitely in the offing!

Also, as I do every year, I am running a sale on all CMG offerings on my B-Day through Halloween to mark what I like to call "Marktoberfest!" which is an eight day celebration of gaming.

I will game and work on upcoming games as much as I can though this eight day festival.  I hope you can you can do likewise!

If you'd like to further help me year round, please click through to this blog often and click away through the advertisers from time to time, as it all helps to keep the lights on for me.  Thanks!

I totally stole this meme from someone who stole it from someone else online!

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