Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Not So Desperately Seeking Chess Pieces

I'm in no great hurry, and haven't played chess in years in any serious way, though I sometimes get drawn into the odd game once in a great while.  Nevertheless, I was looking at an empty marble chess board I picked up some time back at an estate sale and thinking it could use some pieces some time this year or next.  I like the idea of a Medieval or Dark Ages theme, but not fantastical, though Arthurian would be fine.  They need not be marble and three inches for the king is fine enough as it isn't a huge board.  I will keep it under one hundred dollars, for sure, and plan to find the best deal I can before I move on anything.  Any ideas?  I've been checking on eBay a little and found one site with some decent stuff here but that's just to get ideas and not a place where I am likely to purchase.

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