Monday, April 18, 2016

RPG Media Monday - Beowulf, Reboots, & Russian Guardians

I'm not sure where I first heard about "Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands" but it caught my attention and now I want to find a way to catch up with it.  Sadly, in my local area, the station on which it aired is not one I can readily get.  It's a serialized telling of the age old story produced by a British production company and from clips I have seen, looks to be of decent quality.  Will they tell it just as everyone imagines they would?  Not a chance.  Not that the version most folks know is actual the same as the original nor that any translation has ever been perfectly faithful to its source material (I've read several, they all differ in some ways).  Nevertheless, I enjoy a good serialized period drama where swords are wielded, like Vikings, so I don't doubt I'd probably enjoy this too.  The IMdB page is linked above but also check out the wiki page for it here and the home page for it here.

Also, on, they suggested "10 Public Domain Characters That Are Overdue For A Reboot" here.  Looks to me like there'd be quite a bit of work to do to bring those properties up to snuff but I see some diamonds in the rough there, for sure.

Finally, on, they brought to our attention "the trailer for a Russian superhero movie featuring a machine gun-wielding bear" here.  I definitely want to see this, subtitles and all!

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