Friday, April 1, 2016

The Friday Grab Bag - Brick & No-Moretar

Over on, there is an article titled "Where Have All The Bike Shops Gone?"  It looks at the data of small bike shop closings and opens up a dialog about Brick & Mortar store closings.  I had another article on this that took a straight up side, one that suggested that it was simply the market culling the herd of bad businesses, but this one is more neutral on the subject and perhaps even sympathetic in many ways.  I don't disagree but I do wonder if small B&M businesses could be doing quite a bit more to help themselves out of the seeming-inevitable slide.  Anyway, check this one out here.

Also, some of the more recent fervor has been churned up by Privateer Press who has taken a stand on what is good for the portions of the gaming community that supports them the most.  In that regard, they got a surprising bit of pushback for recent support of B&M stores, at least in the headline from with their article "ICv2: Privateer Axes Offending Online Retailers" here.

Finally, on, business author Jacob Lindborg discussed "The Evolution of Brick and Mortar" here.  He makes some very good points that retailers would be smart to follow.

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