Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WotC New 1E/2E RPGNow Releases and More

Four re-issued Dungeons & Dragons titles have been added overnight to the RPGNow servers by WotC and two titles were added by Creative Mountain Games. They include I11 Needle (1e), GA2 Swamplight (2e), From the Ashes (2e), RM4: House of Strahd (2e), as well as the Toeffrun Creation Myth - An RPG Pantheon and Potent Portals (Both with ERA 3.XE stats but useful for any system from CMG).

The Creation Myth is a pantheon of deities and their origins which can be used with any Medieval Fantasy setting, utilizing it as a primary religious doctrine or for a place a GM has yet to flesh out. Potent Portals contains over one hundred portals and related items (doors, archways, trapdoors, locks, windows, shutters, curtains, etc.) enhanced with magic to offer many unique challenges in your game.

See more on the CMG offerings here and here!

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