Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tech Tuesday - Millennium Falcon Cockpit Bed, Carbonite Ice, & Solo Cups

In keeping with the spirit of the two-day nerdgasmic holiday, allow me to point out that over on The Nerdist last week they claimed "The Best Bedrooms have a Millennium Falcon Cockpit" here.  As a loft bed, apparently.  For your kids, silly, not your older self.

But that's cool because when you put them in the fastest hunk of bed in the galaxy next year when having your friends over for the all-night Star Wars movie marathon, you'll be able to pour the drinks over some Han Solo in carbonite ice slabs made in trays from here.

Of course, you have to serve drinks like this in Solo Cups, but there are ways to have those customized here.  Adorn them with phrases like "Han Drunk First," "Scoundrels Do It Better," and "Let's Do the Kessel Run."

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