Friday, July 24, 2015

The Friday Grab Bag - What's New in the CMG eBay Store?

There are dozens and dozens of new listings in the CMG eBay Store since last I prompted folks to have a look: 70+ RPG items, 80+ Miniatures listings, wargames, boardgames, card games, and many other gaming items.  There are some auction style listings but most are Buy It Now listings with prices set somewhat below what I have researched through eBay and other gaming item outlets.  So, please, have a look and enjoy these screen caps of just some of the offerings.  Since I managed to add so may things but am nearing my listing limit, I am running a quick sale at 10% Off throughout the store.  Now sure how long this will last.  As soon as I have sold enough stuff to squeeze in my next pile from the closet, the sale will end.  So, grab yourself a nice gaming treat here!

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