Thursday, January 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Mayfair Games, Gemstones, & Gary Con VIII

Recently on Facebook, Larry Roznai of Mayfair Games offered up tons of Gemstones dice that he needed to clear out from the Mayfair Games warehouse.  I jumped on the chance to drive down to Skokie, IL, to load up the trunk of my car with as many as they'd allow me to take, and load we did!  They were in their display boxes, 12 sets to a box in blister packs.

Each blister pack includes one d20, one d12, one d10, one d8, and one d4.  They are translucent and in a number of vibrant colors.  These are dice that were sold back in 1992 and left over but wonderful for RPGers.  Just add some d6s and you're off to the races!

I asked Larry if he'd be fine with me offering them up in the Swag Bags at Gary Con VIII, and I cleared it with Luke Gygax, so expect these as part of the loot!  I'd like to thank Larry Roznai, as well as Jim, Brad, and everyone at Mayfair for their help securing these goodies.  While we're talking Mayfair, Larry Roznai joined the dee fwNerdNight YouTube channel for a live stream
(recorded) where he discusses the Catan North America distribution rights being picked up by Asmodee as well as many, many other subjects.  Enjoy!

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