Sunday, December 4, 2011

"The 5 Most and Least Shameful Dungeons & Dragons Characters" has posted a new article called The 5 Most and Least Shameful Dungeons & Dragons Characters.  While I don't know if I agree with the entries, it is definitely interesting to see how they feel some of the characters fared over others.  Enjoy!


Will Doyle said...

Wow. Never realised Melf was named after M/Elf.

That is one damned ugly action figure though.

Mark CMG Clover said...

It's fun gaming with the player who created him (Luke Gygax) when I get up to Gary Con each year. He was a youngster when he created that character and it's a bit funny to see an article that gets bent out of shape over a character name a kid made up to play (and the affection a father showed by including that character name as a lagacy in the game). :-D

That truly is one uggo fig, though.