Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kings & Things

Last week for our Thanksgiving week game, our group decided that without a quorum for RPGing we'd give a boardgame a go and chose Kings & Things.  I've got a copy of the 1986 version and it's in very good shape, though I have had to replace the dice.  Board Game Geek says -

This is a classic Tom Wham game of warring kingdoms in a fantasy world and the legions of things that inhabit them. The board is made from hex tiles, which allows for a different board layout every time. Utilizing an interesting flipped counter element, players attempt to out bluff one another regarding the types of things they have in their armies.

It truly is a busy game with lots of replayability.  Like Catan games, it uses hexes for the game board that will be different each time you play.  With over 350 counters, there is a lot of variability from game to game.  Although there is some randomness to play, it's all fairly tightly balanced so that no one is ever out of any given game that you play even if it appears that one player might have an early lead.  Great fun!

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