Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Gaming to All!

'Twas a year filled with gaming, and let us be clear,

We could game all we want, and still need more year,

The boardgames were opened and laid out to play,

The card decks were shuffled for card gaming day,

The RPGs ready of types old and new,

The nights we spent playing them being too few,

And there were some games we used dice on their own,

They were fun, we enjoyed them, I'm picking no bones,

But I have to say that if given a choice,

Between sleeping and eating, while losing my voice,

I'd be gaming from Midnight to Midnight non-stop,

With sugar and caffeine ingested from pop,

Plus carbos and salt from the snacks to round out,

A diet that no dietitian would tout,

As suffucient nutrition for a growing boy,

Though growing, I am, if I may be coy,

But back to my point about gaming and stuff,

There's really not quite enough time, sure enough,

To get in the number of games that I buy,

And play them with all of the players, and try-

out all of the games that they also have bought,

It's enough to make any game lover distraught,

To see shelves upon shelves of unopened boxes,

As each maker of games and his ilk quite outfoxes,

My scheduling acumen and ability to,

Fit each in a place on my list of to-do,

But as the calender year comes to close,

And though some will say it's a bit on the nose,

I can say it's been worth it at any old price,

So, Happy Gaming to all, and to all Roll the Dice!

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