Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Events & Play Wednesday - Intl Tabletop Day

To mix things up for the day this year, I visited 42 Ale House in Milwaukee then swung by Colleseum Games and Rockheads, both in Kenosha.  The first, 42 Ale House, is a boardgaming and geek bar, but the other two are straight up stores, Colosseum a game store and Rockheads a comic and games store.  I really only played games at the first place and looked around elsewhere, so I got a ton of photos from 42 Ale House, only a couple of Colleseum Games, and just outside signage from outside of Rockheads.  The photos can be found on Facebook here and Google Photos here.

News of Conventions and Gamedays as well as pictures
from those I have attended and games I have played.
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