Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Events & Play Wednesday - Nexus Game Fair 2016

Get set to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend in a whole new way as the Nexus Game Fair has moved their event to the holiday weekend.  Perhaps a bit controversial, as many families often make more traditional plans for that four-day weekend, it's also true that is is tough for a game convention to get real traction if it takes place further into June or beyond in the Summer.  One of the advantages of taking place over Memorial Day is the potential for folks to take off work just Friday and enjoy four days of gaming without cutting into their income, which is often needed for purchasing more games.  It's a win-win.  Check out the plethora of events that will be taking place all weekend here.

The link for the main site is above but Nexus Game Fair also has a fine Facebook presence where they share regular news here.

Finally, from the Game Centric TV YouTube channel, there is a video with interviews of gaming luminaries like Christopher Clark or Inner City Games and lots of views of last year's show.  Enjoy!

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