Sunday, October 9, 2011

The 55th Games Plus Auction - Fall 2011

They might just have to expand the Games Plus auction to a fifth day to accomodate all of the buyers, sellers and games that wind up on the block.  Wednesday, the collectibles day, was rocking and bigger than any other Wednesday they have had in the past.  Friday (they skip Thursday, which is likely what they would expand into) was also huge.  I took some pics of the Friday box games crowd and all that was on offer.  I was outbid for a couple of games in very nice chape, including a Peloponnesian War, ancient naval battles wargame, and a classic Kingmaker game in the long box from Ariel Games before selling the right to Avalon Hill.  Saturday is traditionally the RPG day and if you are a minis fan and in the area today, Sunday, then non-collectible minis are in the offing, as well as miniatures games rules.

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