Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"The Future Of Books: A Dystopian Timeline" - TechCrunch Article

A recent article over on got me thinking again about the pace of ePublishing and how far it's come in the ten years since I began doing so.  While it has been the norm to produce material in PDF format, I wonder if getting some things out in more standard eBook formats would make some sense.  I don't currently have any genre fiction for sale but there is some in the works that ties into the campaign setting I have waiting in the wings, Grymvald.  I have to wonder, too, about the viability of game books with little to no artwork, text?books for games, out in similar formats, so that they can be more easily transported to game locations.  At the least, having a copy of the same book that someone has purchased with the artwork in a format without it, something to take along to read on the train or over lunchhour, might make absorbing the material simpler between games.

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