Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Events & Play Wednesday - FREE Conspiracy Draft

Many of you know that aside from running Creative Mountain Games for the last fifteen years, I recently signed on board to manage Lake Geneva Games, the FLGS in my town, the cradle of D&D.  We've done a lot to improve the store in the last few months including adding twice as much permanent game space and revamping the front retail area.  We've got some more to do as time goes on but the changes made so far have helped the store a great deal and I'm very proud to be a part of it all.

As most know, Lake Geneva Games is a versatile store with TCGs, Boardgames, GW lines, as well as other dice and card games.  Our bread and butter, however, is Magic: The Gathering and the store hosts many events while selling both new product and singles, through our storefront and online.  One thing that has eluded the store in that regard (and wasn't likely to happen until that game space expansion) was evolving from a second tier host of events in the eyes of WotC to a top tier store with all of the additional prize support and privileges that brings.  What Jason and I have decided to do in that regard will be a milestone in the history of the store.

This Saturday, August 27th @ 1 PM, we are hosting a FREE Conspiracy Draft utilizing the new set of cards from WotC, Conspiracy: Take the Crown.  This is where the community comes in, especially local MtG players but not strictly so.  It drafts similar to a regular draft set but has a few twists.  After drafting, players will then play a single multi-player game to determine game winners.  Did I mention that we're supplying three packs of cards to each player for FREE?  We're doing this so that we can qualify (which has to happen once per year) for the top tier.  We fulfill all other requirements to qualify for the top tier except having at least one really big event like this one so we're absorbing the cost and hosting the event at our own expense.  If you're in the area or plan to be, please go to the Lake Geneva Games website and grab a seat for the event, but only if you're absolutely sure you can be there.  We'd hate to turn other away because the event only holds 64 players max (as does the store!).  Thanks, and I hope to see many of you this weekend!

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