Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tech Tuesday - Tech Hubs

Since August 23rd, 1991 marks the first day that new users had access to the World Wide Web, this seems a fitting day to discuss some new location for high tech development in the USA.  Finding the best place to locate oneself to best take advantage of high tech job opportunities is challenging.  Today I am sharing several perspectives beginning with the first such area in the USA founded, some would say, in the late 1930s in a garage.  Over on Atlas Obscura, they suggest a way to view Silicon Valley in a historic manner here.

Also, on mashable.com, they tell us "Why 4 emerging tech hubs are luring startups away from Silicon Valley" here.

Finally, on realestate.usnews.com, we're told "Forget Silicon Valley: 5 Tech Hubs With a Lower Cost of Living."  Discover more here.

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