Wednesday, July 13, 2011

D&D Documentary

There's a new Dungeons & Dragons documentary film in the works.  The filmmakers plan to complete it by 2013, in time for the fortieth anniversary (according to the linked Examiner article by Michael Tresca).  When the game came on the scene in 1974 there were a lot of skeptics about its viability.  Who would want to play a single character when you could play an entire army or, at least, a patrol of skirmishers trying to turn the tide of a great battle in your side's favor?  The success of the tabletop RPG style of play, I should say styles of play, has proven out over the years as compelling and fun, enjoyed by young and old, men and women, worldwide.  I wish the filmmakers, Anthony Savini & Andrew Pascal, all the same success in the making of this film and hope it becomes the definitive, balanced documentary the article predicts it will be.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the film for further details.  It does bode well that they are gamers.  They've got plenty of time.

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