Saturday, July 23, 2011

GaryCon IV

Gary Con is an annual event that takes place around March of each year to celebrate tabletop gaming in honor of its namesake Gary Gygax, one of the fathers of roleplaying games, most notably Dungeons & Dragons.  Gary's birthday is coming up Wednesday, July 27th, so I often have him and his legacy in my thoughts at this time of year.  Recently they have announced that the event , coming up on its fourth year, will expand from a three day to a four day event taking place in 2012 from Thursday, March 22nd, through Sunday, March 25th.  This coming Gary Con will be held once again at The Lodge in Lake Geneva (Geneva Ridge, more specifically), WI, birthplace of D&D and hometown to TSR, a company Gary Gygax helped found and that first published D&D in 1974.  From the website . . .

"Gary Con is pleased to announce that Gary Con IV will be moving to a 4 day convention and the dates for Gary Con IV will be Thursday, March 22nd, through Sunday, March 25th, 2012. That' s 4 days of old school gaming in the place where it all began: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Gary Con will be remaining at the Lodge at Geneva Ridge and has again secured a room rate of $79 per night for our attendees. For those that wish to close out Gary Con IV, we have a Sunday late check-out of 3pm at no cost and a 7pm late check-out for a $25 fee. For those in no rush to return to real life, the Lodge has offered a special rate of $49 for guests staying Sunday night.

The hotel will begin taking Gary Con reservations on July 1st, and we anticipate a full house for Gary Con IV so make your reservations early. We'll have some more great news to add soon!"

I've been a regular at Gary Con and hope to run some games at Gary Con IV.  It's going to be lots of fun!

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