Monday, July 18, 2011

Fresh Garage Sale Finds

I got out garage saling a bit over the last few weekends and picked up some useful items and a few secondhand games.  I didn't blog much toward the end of last garage saling season though I did pick up a few more useful items.  Often when I find an incomplete Scrabble game, I'll grab it for a quarter or so since I can convert the tiles to minis' bases and such.  This year was no exception . . .

. . . chief among the finds was a complete Secrets of the Deep (1991) game.  It's almost a shame that I found this one complete because it is tempting to resell it as is to fund further garage saling.  However, I am just as tempted to cannibalize the treasure chests from this one.  They have six each of three sizes of chests.  The play money might be handy for some other usage and the plastic divers and dolphins could also be used for some other gaming purpose.  I'm seeing French versions on ebay, and English versions offered for a decent price and, though the copy I have has one blown box lid corner, I think it could fetch twenty of thirty doubloons (U.S.).

And the board for Secrets of the deep was kind of cool, too, with a built in spinner.

The Tip the Ship (1994) game was found incomplete but the pirate cardboard flat minis are nice and there are some clear plastic stands for them that have some mileage yet to go.

There was also a game called The Secret Door (1991) that looked interesting so I grabbed it with the other two just to check it out.  I knew it was incomplete, some counters missing, but I enjoy checking out many different games and it really didn't cost much thrown in with the rest.

Most weeks my garage saling has been confined to just poking my head into one or two in passing while out for a walk or off to the grocery store, but among the miscellaneaous finds there were . . .

. . . a clean sushi cutting board for fifty cents, a small stone box for less than a buck, a small (dice?) bag for a quarter, and three (two pictured here) glass five-inch-by-five-inch "pillar holders" that I immediately thought would make good bases for HotT strongholds.  I built one with a clear Christmas ornament and built another using some plant stakes I grabbed for fifty cents from another sale.

You can check out the strongholds over on the MF WARS blog linked to the left.  I also found a good knife set for three dollars and a couple of other things I will mention down the line when I reveal how they have been used.  Some good finds, some already put to use, and I hope I have continued luck this year while garage saling.

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