Sunday, August 28, 2011

CelestiCon - Labor Day Weeknd in Redwood City, CA

I mentioned last week that Dragon*Con was coming up again in Atlanta, GA, over Labor Day Weekend, a fan convention of all things SciFi and Fantasy with some gaming, but there's another event this coming holiday weekend for anyone who can get to the San Francisco Bay area, but in Redwood City, CA, called CelestiCon.  EN Worlder Spinachcat brought this event to everyone's attention over in the EN World General Forum and had this to post about some of the odderings -

CELESTICON is hosting over 150 events including RPGs, boardgames, Pathfinder Society, the War College with Dana Lombardy of the History Channel, Warhammer Tournaments and a Young Player's Room. / There is a whole litany of RPGs happening with a whole slew of Pathfinder events plus Cthonian Stars, Tunnels & Trolls, Dresden Files and lots more. / Special Guests include Ken Hite (Star Trek, Delta Green, Day After Ragnorak), James Ernest (Cheapass Games) and Ryan Macklin (Dresden Files) and many more! / Charlie Krank, the President of Chaosium, will be hosting a seminar on Friday night celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Call of Cthulhu and Kenneth Hite will be discussing "Keeping Cthulhu Scary" which will be awesome for GMs. And James Ernest will be doing a hands on boardgame design seminar teaching how you can publish your own games! James has published over 200 so he knows how its done. / The hotel is the Hotel Sofitel, one of the most beautiful hotels in the Bay Area with a luxurious pool and a very cool European flair. The convention has scored a great deal on the hotel rooms so check it out! If you are anywhere in California, Nevada or Oregon, CelestiCon would be an awesome weekend for you...and a non-gaming spouse too!


christian said...

I need to go to a convention one of these days. I've never been to a single event. :(

Mark CMG Clover said...

Conventions are a lot of fun. They no longer have as much magic around them regarding product releases because of the speed of information gained through the Internet but nothing is quite like gaming at a con.