Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mithril Jacket?

It appears that Klattermussen has developed the Mithril Kevlar jacket that can be worn unobtrussively as sportswear.  In their words -
Mithril Kevlar Jacket is the winner of OutDoor Industry Gold Award 2011! The jury’s opinion: ”Kevlar has been used in this softshell jacket for the first time, making it last a lifetime! A great contribution to the topic of sustainability!” We are very, very proud about this award.
The Mithril Kevlar Jacket has the same construction as the regular Mithril jacket but is made of a heavier Kevlar reinforced material. Slightly warmer and with a little higher MFR value (0,9), this material is designed to protect motorcyclists when crashing at high speed. We just couldn´t resist having a jacket made of this fantastic material. So we bought some sample material and made Mithril Kevlar jackets for ourselves. Then when they were seen on the cliffs everyone wanted one! So here it is, but it´s only made in small numbers so speak to your retailer and be prepared to wait. Intended for all outdoor activities, low to medium wind, medium to high activities. 75m screamers on your favourite slab, anyone?
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