Saturday, August 6, 2011

Return of the Garage Sale Finds

Had some good luck out on my walks this weekend in regard to some garage sale finds.  First up, at one of the nine I wandered across, I found a nice ruin, I think for an aquarium, as well as three nicely carved wooden horses in 1/28 scale, a bear carved from stone, and a little wooden dog.

But the best of the finds was a Plano 45102 Rod Case Adjustable 4.25″ x 64″ x 106″ (I'm not sure it's the "-6" model) for a meager five dollars.  This one is in great condition with hardly any wear.  A new one would cost around fifty dollars.  These make great map cases, especially if you have a Chessex Mondomat.  The connectors for the shoulder strap of the telescoping tube I got from Blick's just couldn't hold up to the weight of vinyl mats plus laminated maps.

I only spent about seven dollars for everything, Plano case, ruins, animals, all!

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