Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stefan Pokorny volunteers to sculpt the Gygax Memorial

Some big news from the folks over at the Gygax Memorial Fund . . .

"The Gygax Memorial Fund is thrilled to announce that Stefan Pokorny has volunteered to sculpt the memorial in Lake Geneva. Stefan is well known to gamers as the founder and chief sculptor of Dwarven Forge. Stefan is also a classically trained sculptor and artist who was commissioned to create a beautiful portrait of the former Czech ambassador in the New York Public Library. As a lifelong fan of Gary's helping to create this memorial is a dream come true for Stefan. The Gygax Memorial Fund is excited to find a sculptor that also considers himself an avid gamer as well. The stories Gail, Luke, and Stefan shared over dinner last night were a testimonial to how much Gary's memory means to people and the way that the vision of his memorial is bringing people together."

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