Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Level 1 Human Baby Creeper

If you're a gamer and a parent of a wee one, you might want to pick up a Level 1 Human Baby Creeper from Jinx.com.  In their own words -

The casual RPG enthusiast will look at this creeper, chuckle, possibly buy it for their child, and move on. However, the avid J!NX gamer will inevitably flame this design with questions such as "Wouldn't a baby be level 0?", or "What is its class? Mage? Rogue?", or "My baby's INT should be WAY higher!", or "Does that high Charisma give my baby the ability to lead up to 15 henchmen?". We expect this. And that, my fanatical friends, is why we love you.

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