Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get your Geek Chic Freak On

For a few years now, the Geek Chic team has been producing high end gaming tables, as well as seating, for tabletop gaming geeks everywhere.  They have coffee table, dining table, and full blown gaming table options available.  Of the former, they have the Envoy, the Rift, and the Hoplite, which I like the best of the coffee tables.

Of the dining tables that turn into gaming tables, they make the Spartan, the Portal and The Emissary.  I think The Emissary combines the best features of the three without sacificing leg room.

But the true Geek Gamer is going to want a dedicated game table, space permitting, and Geek Chic provides either The Vizier or The Sultan, the former has simplicity and the latter extra utility.

All of these tables close up to produce a more subtle look when not gaming.  Check out their site for more views and other details.

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opimus said...

I don't like the recess in the table.