Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is one of the big conventions that I have yet to attend.  It seems to be a lot more diverse and much more fan oriented than GenCon which has a RPG Company slant and Origins which used to (though maybe not so much now) had deep roots in the wargaming community.  The picture I get from the website is that everyone has a good time and lots of folks really cuts loose.  It takes place this year over Labor Day Weekend, generally a good time for those who work to get away for an extended period, but also difficult for returning students to fit into busy fall schedules.  This gives me the impression that the attending crowd is going to skew a little older than the mid-summer conventions.  It started primarily as a Science Fiction and Fantasy fan convention but appears to have plenty of gaming too.  It's a little late to get on board for this year but I think I might have to include it in my 2012 schedule along with a handful of others.  My last five years have been very busy outside of the hobby but 2012 looks to be a year for much more gaming oriented activity.

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