Monday, August 22, 2011

Products of their Time

As I read over past incarnations of various roleplaying games, right back to the very earliest examples, I am struck by the fact that they were very much products of their time. I do not envy the position of the progenitors of tabletop roleplaying games as they struggled to define then what so many of us play and enjoy today. I can see how the rules were shaped from earlier tabletop wargaming rules and I have to wonder if those originators had any idea just how much mileage was in those gaming vehicles and their future incarnations. While many of the early tabletop RPGs are no longer available in print or even electronic formats, many have taken new forms or been closely emulated by fans of those original rule systems. EN World has recently compiled a list of many retro game offerings.  Even if you don't wish to step back in time and play those games, it's nice to know they are there.

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