Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chaostle (2011) - Board Game

One of the games that keeps teasing me from the shelves of my FLGS, Game Plus in Mount Prospect, IL, is called Chaostle.  If you live in the area and own a copy, please let me know and we'll put a game together sometime.
From their website -
Chaostle features 23 three-dimensional castle walls that are secured onto the game board. The fantasy fighters can move any direction throughout the castle including up and down stairways to change levels. The castle sections were originally sculpted by Bruce Hirst of Hirst Arts.
The game comes standard with sixteen collectible plastic miniature characters. Additional characters will be available and released in the future as add-ons to the game that will be sold separately. The first set of eight add-on characters will be available soon after the release of the game. Adding new characters to the game adds to the strategy and variety of game play.


Anonymous said...

I own a copy and would be willing to meet up for a game. How about a game night at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect?


Mark CMG Clover said...
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Mark CMG Clover said...

I had no idea you were in the area. I have your email, so I'll send you one.