Sunday, September 4, 2011

Not So Crafty, or Is It?

What a sad day indeed when your local Michaels Hobbies and Crafts store closes.  Such was the state of affairs I discovered when stopping in today to pick up a sheet or two of black foamcore board.  I had poked my head in just a bit earlier this week and all was normal.  Then, today, when I arrived half the store was on skids and the other shelves looked as if they had been severely looted.  As I posted yesterday, I had a good-for-two-days coupon for 50% off any single item but the signs up at the store said that everything was going for 50% off.  Everything, that is, that wasn't wrapped up and ready to be shipped off to other locations.  Sadly, the black foamcore board was all packed.

But wait, many of the shelving units, metal grid racks with rubber coating, used black foamcore board obviously cut to fit each shelf of each unit, as something for the goods to rest upon, a flat surface to keep all of the items level and prevent things from slipping through the grids.  I asked if they might sell some of those, though with dented edges and scarred in a few places.  Nope, I was told, but I was also told to just grab as much of it as I could carry since it would all be pitched into the dumpster otherwise.  So, I did.  Bascially, I got about twenty pieces of three by three foamcore board, mostly black and some white, for free.  Well, naturally, the steak dinner I had later in the evening tasted somewhat more delicious knowing it was essentially on Michaels.  Thanks, Michaels employees!  I hope you all find other positions soon, either with Michaels or at some even better place more to your liking.
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