Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL - Fall 2011 Auction

If you haven't been to a Games Plus auction then you haven't heard of them.  I know of no gamers who haven't found at least a handful of great deals there but, be warned, the prices are reasonable but you won't likely wind up picking up too much for next to nothing.  Many savvy gamers and eBayers make sure to keep the bottom feeding to a minimum.  Even the Troll and Toad folk show up regularly to replenish their warehouses.  So, there are good deals but sellers can be near-assured that if they put something into the auction and it s in good condition, they will see god value for it.  Remember, too, that you receive your "winings" in the form of a store credit.  That's how Games Plus manages to get their due without charging anyone for running the auction or placing items in it.  Think of it as recycling your old games for new gaming materials.

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