Monday, September 12, 2011

Lurch The Zombie Chess Game

Ten years ago, on September 9, 2001, Creative Mountain Games released its first free product.  It was a players' guide to the small town of Jalston.  Eventually, Jalston was also the setting for CMG's first product that went up for sale on December 18, 2001, The Whispering Woodwind, a low-level adventure.  CMG marks its official aniversary in December on that date.  Therefore, this December will be the Tenth Anniversary and CMG will be sure to do something special.  Of course, none of us could foresee the tragic events that would transpire two days after the first free product was let out into the world.  Rather than potentially mar any memorials folks might be observing, and in deference to the occasion, CMG has held off release of this new product, LURCH! The Zombie Chess Game, until today as we look toward the future.

Lurch is a basic beer and pretzels game based on board games like chess.  It uses a standard eight by eight square board and fold-up miniature figures, pawns or markers, to denote the individual units.  The Basic game is simple, and there are Advanced rules to increase the complexity for seasoned players.  There are also over two dozen additional scenarios to add replayability and fun to the game.  An additional section explains ways to use the game within your roleplaying game as well.  Please check out this game and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as the players that have been trying it out for the last few years during its development.  Thank you!

LURCH! The Zombie Chess Game is available here at 25% off for a limited time.

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