Sunday, September 25, 2011

Third Annual Dave Arneson Memorial Gameday

More news from Tavis on the Third Annual Dave Arneson Memorial Gameday.  It's on what would have been his 64th birthday - next Saturday, Oct. 1.  In his own words, it is

. . . better than ever. It runs from 9 am until 11pm, hosted by the Brooklyn Strategist which is doing really cool outreach to kids and working to become a third space for their community. It's got an all-star roster of GMs and designers, running the gamut from original D&D to 4E and beyond, and a panel discussion with journalists and cultural critics and game designers and one of Dave's original playing group exploring his impact on the modern world. Also, beer and wine and homemade snacks.  If you are in NYC and can make it, let us know at the Facebook pages for the gameday and the panel. Wherever you are, check out the Kickstarter effort that's funding the event and see if any of the rewards appeal to you. And don't pass up the chance to remember Dave's legacy on 10/1 by rolling some dice and letting your imagination take it from there.

I wish I could make it myself.  Maybe next year.  Best of luck to the organizers and I hope everyone has a blast!

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