Thursday, September 1, 2011

Super Online Sales Sites for Games and Toys

There's a number of places online I check periodically for sales on games and toys.  Everyone knows about and eBay, so I won't go into a great many details on those, but I also like to check some others.  Notably those sites include The Humble Indie BundleLoot!, woot! and Tanga.  Each has games or toys regularly on sale for a decent discount and a couple have a whole lot more.  Here's what each site has to say about themselves -

What is the Humble Bundle? It is our take on digital distribution, where anyone can pay any amount of money they like for great DRM-free games. All of the games are cross-platform running on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Loot is a deal-a-day site focused exclusively on games and gaming related products. Every weekday (for now) we offer a new game or game-related product at drastically reduced rates to consumers.

Here at Tanga, you'll find the greatest online deals in a variety of categories. We feature daily deals in electronic devices/gadgets, magazines, jewelry (you can even buy mens rings), handbags, T-shirts, and games. If you are in search of your next awesome purchase AND affordable deals, you’ve just discovered the best place to shop.

Woot is a gaggle of unique companies. Or half a gaggle, at least. Woot Services LLC operates the websites and keeps the motor purring; Woot Workshop LLC provides creative content and mans the stereo for the ride; and Woot, Inc. sells the merchandise and pays for the gas. The aforementioned websites, of which is the alpha URL, focus on selling cool stuff cheap and encouraging (almost) unfiltered community discussion about that cheap stuff.

I'm happy to add some more to my regular rounds.  So if you know of any worth checing, please let me know.

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