Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Events & Play Wednesday - Mid-June to Mid-July Gaming 2014

Some of the photos in the albums from this month were used in particular CMG Blog Triad posts over the last four weeks but I do like to collect them in one place as a record of the gaming I have managed to squeeze in.  You can see more than what I have highlighted below in a Facebook album here and also on Google Plus here!

Tom picked up a copy of Boss Monster

Wendy shared her Nexus-acquired Viking game

The playthrough of the 5E D&D Starter Set began

Accompanied by a poster map made for the campaign

Wayne joined me on a trip south to IL for a game of
History of the World, followed by Kingsburg

John taught us to play Homesteaders

Tom brought his Rich Uncle to the Burlington Gameday

And at the Gathering, I finally learned Belfort 

The Clark Clan and Company attended the Gathering

Folks came up from Illinois and from all over Wisconsin

Many games, new and old, were played

Lots of gamers showed up taking us to nearly double our normal numbers.

Yesterday, Tom brought a couple new games to Taco Bell.

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