Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tech Tuesday - Adobe Creative Cloud and Lynda.com

I recently got tired of limping along with Adobe CS3 and decided it was time to enter the new era.  To that end, I have signed on with Adobe Creative Cloud and re-opened my Lynda.com account, to help me get up to speed.

Despite the risks involved with the Cloud (those span across just about everything we do online) and the criticisms the service has received, I'm confident Adobe has worked enough of the kinks out a year into their full commitment to the service for me to give it a go.  I signed up for the complete package, even though some of the Apps are likely to see small use and some other Apps I only plan to use experimentally.  Who knows?  Maybe I will find some new avenues for creativity and develop some ideas in innovative ways because of the tools at my disposal.  I won't call this post a recommendation of Adobe Creative Cloud, I am far too new to it to say much at all, but it is a heads up to those I know in case they'd like some private discussion, perhaps a FB group or some Google chatting, with me included.

As for Lynda.com, I cannot say enough about the usefulness of this company.  I have used them over the years to learn software from time to time and love their service.  While they were certainly helpful in growing Creative Mountain Games, such as it is, I found them to be invaluable during my return to college earlier this century.  They helped me make short work of finishing my undergrad degree and getting my Master's.  Their stable of videos and teachers have never let me down.  The nice thing for me is that I can go at my own pace, immersing myself for chunks at a time but, when I am otherwise engaged, stepping away from it for indeterminate stretches of time.  Does anyone else beside me like to binge-learn?  If you have some new software to master, take a look at what they offer and try them out for 7 days with your highest expectations.  I believe they will meet them.

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