Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Gygaxian Camelot & the Once and Future Game

There is an interesting article penned by famed gamer-author Jon Peterson that has been making the rounds on the Internet in gaming circles regarding the early years of TSR and the role of the major players in the fate of that company called "The Ambush at Sheridan Springs."  I'v read through it a couple of times and find it seems to jibe with accounts I have heard from many in the know.  Looking back, it is admirable that the early figures, Gygax Sr. in particular, wanted to keep Dungeons & Dragons in the hands of gamers, business-wise as well as creatively, and I often wonder if bringing someone with definite business experience into the fold a bit earlier on in the process might have made much of a difference.  With the rate at which major corporations gobble up one another, and acquire many smaller companies so casually, in the last couple of decades, I wonder if the inevitability of a major corporation owning D&D at some point might not have been a foregone conclusion.  Hard to say, but this is a good read for those who like lore of TSR from the 1970s and 1980s.  Check it out here!

From the article, left to right, Gary Gygax, Brian Blume, and Kevin Blume.

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